Talks & Code

Here you will find a list of technical talks that I gave recently and that are not linked to presentation of a paper at a conference, as well as links to open-source projects I’m involved in.

Technical Talks

Open-source Projects

  • For debugging and profiling, I developed uniprof, a tool designed to profile Xen domains (primarily unikernels). It allows producing stack traces of a running domU, at specified sampling rates, from outside (typically dom0). These traces can then be aggregated to produce profiling information and visualization, for example, via flame graphs.

  • florianI am a maintainer of unikraft, a Xen subproject under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, that aims to solve one of the big roadblocks to adoption of unikernels as mainstream virtualization concept: making unikernel development faster and less painful by providing a reusable toolbox of kernel functionalities in library form, and a build tool for creation of unikernels for various hardware architectures and virtualization platforms.